Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

In the course of the company’s evolution, alongside production development, we have implemented and strengthened different energy efficiency systems, with a view to both social responsibility as well as energetic autonomy.

Photovoltaic system

Our most recent accomplishment is in 2023, completing the installation of a photovoltaic system exploiting the roof of two production facilities with a total capacity of 500kW.

Plant power n. 1:
213 kW

Annual production:
550.00 kWh/year

Equivalent energy
to 204 households

CO2 saved:
550.00 kWh/year

Annual equivalent tons of
oil saved: 138

Panels installed:
approx. 1300

Plant power n. 2:
287 kW



Solar system

We are also equipped with a solar panel system for water heating, in combination with an underfloor system covering the entire warehouse production area, and a condensing boiler which allows us to obtain heat without the need to install flues or other ventilation systems.

Solar power generation allows us to sharply reduce carbon dioxide emissions and gives us the opportunity to increase the company’s competitiveness by containing as much as possible the dependence on volatile energy supply costs from the power grid.