We create professional edgebanding with natural elements


We create professional edgebanding with natural elements ​

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We boast among our clients more than 350 companies active both in Italy and abroad. We follow clients ranging from the largest industrial giants to distributors to whom the smallest artisans turn to with flexibility and seriousness.

We have achieved a positioning that distinguishes us as one of the industry’s leading suppliers of real wood and reconstituted veneer edging, wrapping veneers both in roll and sheet form, and the supply of veneer in general for application on furniture components, flooring and doors.

Professional real wood edges

Here in Friulevigatura, we are able to make any type of wood species edgebanding in thickness from 0.3mm up to 3.0 mm. We can also do general processing of sheet veneer for wrapping and paneling, with the possibility of connecting together the veneer by wire and glue jointing.

High market demand prompted us to install a state-of-the-art varnishing plant that enables us to produce varnished edges.
The edgebanding can also be brushed with steel brushes or tynex brushes giving a result that highlights the grain of the wood by subtracting the soft part of the veneer with more or less energy.
The edgebanding can also be serrated with a widia blade that produces a sawn look which can be more or less deep.
Cross Grain Edge
Wood edges can also be made with the grain direction perpendicular to the length, thus creating a special and welcome effect for exclusive types of use.

We are committed to the Responsible Use of Natural Resources

We are FSC® certified

Authentic Artisan Passion

The prerogatives we offer and the values that shape us:

  • Ability to understand the needs of an increasingly attentive clientele that demands personalized service, fast responses and as a cornerstone, undisputed product quality.
  • Continuous and constant search for innovative and functional solutions.
  • Maximum attention to every detail.
  • An in-house management system that ensures timely delivery according to schedule.
  • Constant control of all stages of manufacturing through the use of technologically advanced production lines that ensure the output of high quality products.

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